Friday, January 14, 2005

Jennifer Garner: Confounded idiocy compounded...

Jennifer Garner as super duper sex symbol? Gimme a break. She's got disquietingly mannish round shoulders and a little tiny head atop her long neck (did she used to wear those neck ring things? Was she playing around at Cleopatra and forgot the maxim about how if you do thus-and-so you could stay that way--you know, that line adults say to try to get kids to stop making faces. Making faces is fun when you're a kid, so fascist adults back off).

Leaving all that to the side, her face is okay and stuff, but it reminds of this kid Billy I knew when I was a vitriolic youth. Billy was clinically silly and could have been a spawn of Medusa, let's just say, so the simularity of his facial template with hers is disconcerting.


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