Saturday, October 09, 2004

Yes, Senator, we do know who you are, sadly

Related to the proceeding post, my best sources in Massachusetts, who have access to a memeber of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation, report that the rumors are true: Kerry is an arrogant, smug prick, and even most people in Mass. don't like him. That might explain why another member of the Mass. delegation, another guy who lives like self-appointed royalty on a fortune that he never earned (and because the Kennedy fortune came from illicit stock swindling and illicit drug dealing--alcohol is a drug, and it was illegal at the time, hence illicit drug dealing, nobody actually ever earned it) and never has to mix with the little people, Senator Ted Kennedy, took Senator Kerry on as his political protege.

At least when Kerry wipes out while piloting a conveyance, it is a snowboard, he doesn't leave some young lady buried in a snow drift, and he can blame a "son of a bitch" who would take a bullet for him.

Yes, the liberal Senators of Massachusetts, friends of the working man as long as the working man does exactly what they say and gives 60% of his money to fuckwads like them. And yeah, those turds don't give a shit about oppressive taxes because they not only have so much they never know the difference, they didn't bring the $ in so it doesn't trouble them to see the $ go out--at least, when their accountants aren't gaming the system--like eeevil Republicans--to fuck the system that you and I are supposed to let give us an unlubed fuck every year. What do I mean? The Kennedies off-shored much of their Massachusetts lucre to Florida to beat estate taxes. Miserable bastards.

Senator Kerry, Mister I'm gonna fight for you like another parasite who never produced anything (unless you count an unread and unreadbale book written by a staffer), Al Gore, is infamous in New England for trying to piss on the commoners and then responding to anyone who dare question his holiness with a sanctimonious, "Do you know who I am?"

Boston media veteran Howie Carr has the goods on Kerry. Carr, a verbose radio guy and journalist who is surprisingly unassuming in personal social settings, of course, is the shark who threw his mentor at WRKO Jerry Williams under the bus and who did the same to his first wife.


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