Saturday, October 09, 2004

Sox, Cards, Communists - Not All Reds are the same

And another thing. During the debate, one of Kerry's countless demonstrations of unappealing, awkward snobbery was his joke that W. was living in a fantasy world, which would be bad, unless you are a Red Sox fan.

(Buh dump dump. Uhh, is this thing on?)

How was this idotic? Let me count the ways. First, if that was a joke it wasn't funny. Second, what the hell does that mean? I'm a Red Sox fan, and unless I'm mistaken, I'm living in reality, and reality is that the Sox are in the Final Four and I think are a stronger side than either of the teams they might play for a trip to the World Series. Is Senator "I bounced a pitch to the plate so I wouldn't hurt the Highly trained professional player behind the plate with my girly French 12 mile an hour Goofball" trying to insult me? I live in a 2000 swing state, for chrissakes!

Most of all, this fucking guy was standing in a room full of "undecided" voters in MISSOURI, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, home of the Cardinals, that baseball team that could well face the Red Sox in this year's World Series. If they got the "joke," would they appreciate it? Would Patton have tried to inspire the heroes of Bastogne by saying, "If you think the Germans won't execute you, you're living in a fantasy world, which is bad, unless you're at Bastogne." Jeeze.


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