Saturday, October 09, 2004

Koalas and kangaroos are no Turkeys

An island of good times. W. won the debate.

The pro-U.S. Liberal Party (properly named--that a great term like liberal got hooked up with the American left is the worst political pairing since they named Hubert Humphrey after the Metrodome (hat tip to the late Billy Martin)), led by U.S. and W. ally John "Mo" Howard, won the Australian election and increased its majority.

I like Australia. Whenever I watch "Gallipoli," I root for Mel Gibson and the boys to kick the shit out of the perfidious Turks (who the Nazis--I mean Germans--hoodwinked into joining the wrong side in World War I). So far, it hasn't done any good, but I remain optimistic.

Turkey is on my geopolitical shit list because of the way they screwed us out of a northern front on the eve of Gulf War II. Their betrayal threw a wrench into our war plans and cost us time and lives, to the subsequent delight of Senators Catsup and Sweet Caroline. We had the 4th, one of our most modern and deadly divisions, poised to strike from the north, and instead they had to reroute and follow the 3rd and others up from the south. Not so good.

And Turkey has the temerity to want a say in what happens in the Kurdish north of Iraq? Fuck you, Turkey. This makes me want to get my rifle and shoot the next wild turkey that I see crossing the woods out behind the homestead. Just out of spite--those turkeys aren't very delectable. Those bastards must have taken a course on treachery at the Diplomatic Sorbonne (the Turks, not the wild turkeys crossing my land), a subtlety--no, a blaring headline, lost on Senator Fuckface. The EU can have the Skankaras from Ankaras, I says.

Turkey, on the wrong side then, and on the wrong side now.


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