Saturday, October 09, 2004

If John Kerry had debated in October 1944...

"This President rushed into an unnececessary land war in Europe, when the real enemy is in Asia. We lost thousands of men in June in France, and the death toll keeps rising. And with the failure of Market Garden, a mess designed by one of the members of the coalition of the incompetent, we can all be sure that victory is not guaranteed before the election, and that menas this President went about this the wrong way.

"This war in Europe was the wrong war and we haven't found any Germans WMDs and rumors of mass executions and death camps are just partisan propaganda and all that, but I will be sure to obtain the cooperation of sovereign French government, which until a few days ago was in bed with the Nazis, in lieu of the cooperation of the false coalition featuring the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. That should suffice until we can recruit the remnants of the Wehrmacht that we capture as we move into Germany. Of course, we are allied with the Communists, so I will deviate from normal practice and acknowledge something good about the scumbag I am opposing.

"And I know in advance that the incumbent doesn't have a plan to win the peace that will guarantee that everything will go perfectly, so he sucks for that, too."


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